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Wanted: Italy Impresario

Trufflepig is hiring. That’s right, we’re looking for a bright spark to join our Ferrari-red and on-fire Italy planning team.

To be more precise, we’re looking for a location scout, mountain guide, pasta chef, natural diplomat, story-teller, lyricist, software whizz, sartorial advisor, permaculturalist, historian, painter, eater, drinker, dreamer, taster, guzzler, sharer, giver, listener, lecturer, cartographer, empathist, tympanist, perfectionist, socialist, socialiser, sybarite, signer of documents, hawk for the details, wanter of more, lover of less, lender of hands, quarterback, wing-back, wing-man, wing-nut, wordsmith, workhorse, wanderer and wonder(wo)man.

We hardly think that’s too much to ask, and invite you to look at the job posting on LinkedIn here or by pdf here, and then to send your cover letter and resumé to

Trufflepig is hiring.

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