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The office we never had—seriously
Photography: Charlie Scott

We Need a Farm Manager

Trufflepig’s headquarters are in Toronto, where our office is known as the Farm. We’re looking for an experienced and capable office manager with a level head and the multi-tasking capacity of an octopus to help keep us ship-shape. To herd us into effectiveness. And to stop us mixing our metaphors.

This person will look after a wide range of recurring administrative and logistical responsibilities, will jump in to assist with the inevitable unexpecteds, and will also be our project management supremo. So there will be less glamorous tasks as well as more engaging projects. The ideal candidate will be eager to work in a small-business environment, will be as happy tending to the tiny details as the big picture, and perhaps most importantly will be possessed of an absolutely un-extinguishable can-do attitude.

Please see the full job posting here and on LinkedIn here and if you think you’re right for the job, send your resumé by email to

We're looking for an experienced and capable office manager

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