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Won in Translation

There are a lot of reasons to fall madly in love with India. It’s a land of ridiculous cultural and historic depth. The optimism and spirituality of the people is captivating. And it sure is gorgeous.

But I’ve always been smitten with what’s written. India has a way with signage that’s unlike anywhere else I know. It could be the juxtaposition of playful and poetic Hindi characters with crisp and familiar English lettering that you see on many signs. Or it might be the direct translations that are so polite and concise they move the whole message into the realm of mirth. Maybe it’s the fabulous colouring or chaotic assemblage of many, many signs into mini, mini spaces. Whatever it is, when the writing is on the wall I love it.

Charlie Scott can be found wandering Toronto with his camera, desperately seeking signage as intriguing as India’s.


I've always been smitten with what's written.

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