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You Don’t Know Jack

But you should. Jack Dancy is one of Trufflepig’s founders and the man knows France like no one’s business. Conde Nast Traveler recently named him as one of their Top Travel Specialists and they’ve only picked 133 worldwide, so it’s pretty cool that he’s been cited as the Gallic go to.

While it’s true you can’t believe everything you read in print, believe me when I say that Jack is a serious France phenom. Yes, he’s an Englishman by birth and early breeding. But this guy eats, breathes, drinks, and sleeps France. As a child he spent much of the summer at his grandparents place in the itty bitty town of Mordagne (in a not-so-known-but-impossibly-gorgeous southwestern pocket of France) collecting insects and learning to identify local bird species. No joke. His first ever job was at the Maison de la Truffe in Paris. Again, no joke. And for the past few years he’s lived in Paris, where he works from Trufflepig’s local bureau.

He owns not one, but two, Citroen vehicles (not sure the word ‘car’ does those chariots justice). He’s seen (and biked through) more French villages and countryside than Napoleon (okay, Napoleon didn’t bike, but roll with me on this one). He can spot the difference between a sec and demi-sec goat cheese from across the street. He once cut his finger chopping onions and bled Grand Cru pinot noir. Last year he bought a semi-derelict stone house in Burgundy. And next month he’s marrying a true red, white and blue French woman. I know, it’s totally fou. And apart from that line about the onions, it’s all true. Jack’s not the type to brag (which is why I’m bragging for him), but he’s certainly the guy you want to know if you want to know France. You know what I mean?

Jack Dancy is one of Conde Nast’s 2011 Top Travel Specialists in France. Charlie Scott is a little bit jealous.

He once cut his finger chopping onions and bled Grand Cru pinot noir.

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