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100 Things We Love: Part 1

The newsletter we send out to all you fine folks next week will be our 100th edition (get it here if you’re not on the list yet). To mark this special occasion, we thought we’d round up 100 of our favourite things—a little bit like Oprah does around Christmas, but with fewer free cars (sorry).

Today we’re counting down part one of the list, from 100 to 81.

100. The Cambodia English School of Higher Education—Known around here simply as “Rady’s school” after our friend who started it, we are big supporters of this English initiative for Cambodian kids. We can also arrange visits to the school for our travellers who’d like to see the donations at work.

99. James Gifford’s safari photography—It’s like the man has never heard of the word “blurry”. Our guru for capturing all creatures great and small (in the photographic sense only, of course), James works out of Botswana teaching travellers to snap animals from antelope to zebra (almost) as well as he can.

98. Gaetan St. Onge—A “cousin” of Charlie Scott, one of our founders, Gaetan hails from la belle province of Quebec, and takes a special pride in his majestic mullet. There’s really no describing him, it’s best to meet him for yourself:

97. Jack’s selection as a Conde Nast Travel Specialist—It’s happened again for the second year in a row: Jack has been chosen as a Top Travel Specialist in France, and there couldn’t be a more qualified gentilhomme for the job. The man bleeds pinot noir, after all.

96. Indian facial hair—We love it any month of the year, but the moustachioed men of the Indian subcontinent get special recognition during Movember.

95. Salina, Sicily—A personal favourite of our Italian guru Rudston, Salina, in the Aeolian Islands, is the embodiment of everything we love about summer.

94. Amanyara—Sleek Asian architecture meets turquoise Caribbean water? Sure, we’ll stay for a few nights this winter…

93. Charlie’s sister’s tent guest room—It started out as a one-of-a-kind solution for visitors in a loft space, and now we hear you might be able to purchase one of your very own soon… check it out on Remodelista.

92. National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative—A program that supports the conservation of all our favourite African felines. Because extinction is on our list of things we hate.

91. North Island—Welcome to paradise. No, really, look at this place. It’s a world where shoes don’t exist, the ocean is your private pool, and you might not see another soul for days. Unless you want to. Heaven is a beach and we’re ready for our wings. Or helicopter transfer, I guess.

90. Bicycle Portraits—An amazing collection of photography and stories about everyday South Africans and their bikes. That dude who rides his bike to work 364 days a year? This is what you’re getting him for Christmas.

89. Bacon—Despite the ongoing protests of our vegetarian editor, we can’t deny our love for the king of all meats. And obviously it’s not just for breakfast; check out 100 ways to use a strip of bacon. You’re welcome.

88. Turkish cuisine—From backstreet markets to an elegant Ottoman feast, eating our way through Turkey has us converted for good to the country’s amazing food.

87. Babylonstoren—Speaking of cuisine, check out South Africa’s answer to the really, really local food movement: Babylonstoren is a storied Cape Dutch farm with gorgeous rooms, orchards, and vineyards to boot.

86. Pavillon de la Reine—It’s not the flashiest of Paris hotels, but it sure has the most loyal following. We love the Pavillon for its warm rooms and subtle elegance.

85. The School of Life—Going back to school seems much more exciting when the class is “smell-ology”. Or “How to enjoy your family”. Seriously. This is the kind of study we go for.

84. Antique markets—Let’s be honest, we love all markets. Vintage, clothing, flowers, or French food: you name it, we’ll shop for it. And maybe bring you back a souvenir. If you’re good.

83. Mashpi Lodge—Our very own Wrangler just visited this amazing new ecolodge in Ecuador. If treetops and panoramic bedroom views are your thing, look no further.

82. Sarara Camp—If our safari experts are impressed, it must be an amazing camp. Just six luxurious tents make up this Kenyan oasis that’s committed to both community conservation and incredible views. If we let Dan and Greg loose, they might just join a Samburu tribe out there.

81. Casa Talia—After a summer season’s worth of ringing client endorsements, any doubts we might have had about Casa Talia (which we didn’t, really) have disappeared. On the terrace overlooking the gorgeous Modica, Italy is the perfect spot for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.

Trufflepig continues the 100 Things We Love countdown tomorrow. We suggest you forward the entire list to Santa for best results.