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Teak Talk

Whether you fancy yourself a building buff or not, architecture in Indochina will definitely impress. Ancient temples, traditional teak houses, brutalist Communist structures, elegant colonial mansions and mid-century masterpieces all make an appearance. It sounds strange, but it all seems to work, and the results keep each and every location unique and worth visiting. Of […]

Oodles of Noodles

There is a recurring theme for every Indochina trip we plan: food. Produce is literally farm to table, whether you’re eating at a roadside stall or the best digs in town. A typical day can consist of mind-blowing noodles on a tiny roadside plastic stool, and then hours later find yourself dining in a beautifully […]

‘Nam with the Fam

When you think about Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, most think about temples, food, monks, more food and the hustle and bustle that the region is famous for. Long a favourite of honeymooners, retired couples and backpackers (I’m guilty of this one myself), it attracts a really diverse crowd. What some don’t realize however is that […]


It would seem that Vietnam just got a little more comfortable. We were delighted to hear that Aman Resorts have just announced the opening of their newest property, and first in Vietnam, Amanơi. Opened at the beginning of September, it completes a triangle for those wanting to experience Indochina from the comfort of an Aman […]

Indochina by Numbers

A great trip is the sum of its parts. But picking the best parts and then figuring out how to piece them together, well, that can be a challenge. Perhaps more than anywhere I can think of, planning a silky smooth trip to Indochina usually boils down to a mathematical equation (not to be confused with a […]

Gross Gastronomy

Indochina is a gastronome’s delight. From lovingly prepared pho (the cure for all ills, in my opinion) in Vietnam to creamy amok fish curry and stir fried morning glory flowers (a personal favourite) in Cambodia, you’re bound to have many delicious dishes calling you back for more. There is, however, a flip side to this culinary coin—a number of […]

Search, Search and Research

There’s a reason we’re always heading back to the countries we love: Research. We do a lot of it, and its probably just about the best part of our jobs. Finding new things, meeting new people and visiting new places helps us grow, both as a company and on a personal level. It’s a bit […]

On My Plate: Hoi An

Legendary handmade Hoi An noodles come together with the freshest herbs and greens to make the perfect simple dish. Insider’s tip: order two bowls. You will eat both, trust me. Where: Trung Bac, 87 Tran Phu, Hoi An What: Cao Lau. If you have been to Vietnam, you have heard of it. The noodles have been made […]

On My Plate: Con Dao

In Vietnam, the simplest ingredients are combined in countless different ways to create culinary magic. The best part is that each region does a dish just differently enough to make you want to try it again and explore new flavours. Where: Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam What: Banh Xeo. A delicious combination of a crispy rice flour […]

Whitewashing History

A whole bay of traditional dark wooden boats, all painted white. Was this someone’s idea of a joke? Were they drinking? This was the general sentiment overheard on the dock in Halong Bay while I waited to board my junk, the Halong Jasmine. A sister boat with both the Halong Violet and the Halong Ginger, each […]

High Low: Hoi An

It’s hard to see the differences between two hotels in a similar location without doing a little on-site research. I did just that this spring, and am happy to report that there’s a spot on the beach outside Hoi An suitable for all wallet sizes. High: The Nam Hai 800 USD and up (high season)  The […]

Street Smart Eats

We’ve all been there. You’re on vacation and walking by a local restaurant or food stall, and are either captivated or disgusted (or both) by what you see. Your brain says try it but your digestive system screams and runs away. What to do? Do you take that chance, knowing that in 12 hours you […]

Copycat Confusion

Ever found yourself looking for a shop and finding not one, but about fifty of the same name? Probably not, but in Hanoi this is par for the course. With a serious disregard for copyright issues in Vietnam, knock off businesses are everywhere. On our first trip to Vietnam my wife and I travelled independently, […]

Pool Party: Hoi An

The infinity pool: there’s a reason it has graced the cover of about 14 billion travel magazines. The illusion of floating in your own private sea is priceless. Where: The Nam Hai, Hoi An Why: Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. After whipping around the scooter-frenzied streets of Saigon or exploring the crowded […]

On My Plate: Vietnam

I love restaurants that make just one dish. It’s the culinary equivalent of the poker player who’s so confident they go “all-in” and commit all their chips to a single hand. Sure, you don’t always win, but my experience has been that you tend to win way more than you lose. Where: Hanoi, Vietnam (a […]

The Situational Noodle

Sometimes the best meal of all is the one you’re having right at that second. In my top 10 list of travel eats, I don’t give much credit to the expensive or elaborate—instead I choose the bowl that introduced me to Vietnam. We roll into Hoi An around 5 am, dazed and just a little […]