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High Low: Hoi An

It’s hard to see the differences between two hotels in a similar location without doing a little on-site research. I did just that this spring, and am happy to report that there’s a spot on the beach outside Hoi An suitable for all wallet sizes.

High: The Nam Hai
800 USD and up (high season) 
The Nam Hai has long been considered the epitome of luxury in Vietnam, and a recent stay confirmed what I didn’t find all that surprising: it still is. With its modern take on traditional architecture, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time (with modern comforts). The pool is a thing of myth and legend, appearing as though you’ll drift out to sea if you fall asleep while floating about, and the restaurants offer some of the best meals you’ll have on your entire trip. I still have dreams of the detox smoothies, syrupy sweet Vietnamese iced coffees and cao lao noodles for breakfast. We can’t recall even our most discerning clients ever offering anything but rave reviews of their stays. Among the best features are the available multi-bedroom villas with private pools, great for families to stretch out and relax in the middle of an otherwise action-packed trip through Indochina. Or, opt for a one bedroom villa with private garden and plunge pool, the perfect ingredient for the perfect honeymoon. We’ll let you decide.

Low: Fusion Maia
300 USD and up (high season) 
Fusion Maia has come out swinging. Open only since mid-2010, it offers 87 crisp, bright and ultra-modern villas, starting at a comfortably large 540 square feet. Okay, so its beachside location is technically in Da Nang (a neighbouring city of Hoi An), but there is a free shuttle into the UNESCO historic quarter. And here’s the kicker. All villas come standard with their own private pool, and also include all spa treatments during your stay. Want a massage before breakfast and after dinner? They can do that. Another interesting feature is their ‘Breakfast Anywhere’ program, meaning you can take your breakfast anywhere, any time during the day, all included in your room rate. Breakfast on the beach? I think so. At 11pm? Sure, why not. I’ve also wondered about having a massage during breakfast, but alas, it may not be possible. Or is it?

Mike Poppe is currently petitioning the Trufflepig CEOs for more ‘hotel comparison’ assignments.

Want a massage before breakfast and  dinner? They can do that.

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