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How to be a Carioca

The clock strikes 9:15 AM in Rio de Janeiro. It’s April, and the heat is not excessive, so the weather allows for a lazy Saturday morning. Yet, there is an urge to explore the vibrant streets of the city and pay homage to the ever-present sun. I get up and take a quick shower, while […]

Hankering for a Hacienda

When I was a child, I was mad at my parents for buying a family van instead of a horse. I refused to understand why using a horse to get around the suburbs of Toronto was not a practical choice and that a van would be much more suitable for our family. As you can […]

The Trembling Highlands of Brazil

Ibitipoca. Tough to pronounce; hard to get to; but well worth the effort. Here goes: Ibitipoca is pronounced “ee-bitch-ee-pokah” (sounds like a palavrão I know). But it actually comes from the indigenous Tupi-guarani language in which “ybytyra” = mountain, and “pok” = burst, a combination of words the natives used to describe the intense roaring […]

Canoes, Kayaks and Snowshoes – It’s the Getting There

Next week I embark on my annual canoe trip with a group of close friends. We typically stick close to Algonquin Park, as our cottage is located there, making it an easy jumping-off point. Plus the joy of a post-trip ice cold beer in the sun on the dock is hard to pass up. Ontario has […]

Birding is Boresome and Other Myths

Let this be an ode to the non-tactile senses. To the joy of looking and seeing, the richness of listening and hearing. To being still long enough and staying put long enough to enjoy some of the world’s subtleties. About 15 years ago, I had burrowed my way into the professional world of travel. In […]

Your Private Amazon

Brazil is so darn gigantic that there are many ways to access the confusingly vast Amazon region. Of the four or five main entry points to reach this marvel of mother nature, the most popular one is Manaus. From here you can visit the Amazonas Opera House and take a seaplane to one of the great land-based lodges, like the Anavilhanas. […]

A Travessia: an exclusive guided adventure on horseback in the mountains of Brazil

When our friends at Best Made asked us to help locate a rugged & timeless location to test their gear and shoot their next catalog, we stumbled upon an adventure we simply had to share. A newly developed trail, accessible only on horseback, connecting mountains to sea in a particularly blessed little corner of Brazil. Now Trufflepig […]

Day of the Dead

There’s probably something you look for immediately on your first day exploring a new destination. Maybe it’s the most interesting museums, delicious street food, local markets; everyone has their go-to travel highlights. As for me, after a long journey to a new city, I often steer myself toward the places where people rest—eternally, that is. […]

Family Friendly

Many people ask which spots would make for a good family holiday in Latin America. The truth is, the Latins love children; the answer could be anywhere. But of course some countries are more geared up for keeping little ones entertained than others. Here’s our rundown of travel plans to keep the whole family entertained—big […]

Boa Brazil: World Cup 2014

The Winter Olympics are over. What’s the next international competition that the world is willing to wake up to watch at all hours of the night? The FIFA World Cup, of course. Rio’s final samba school has finished the Carnival parade route, and now just 83 days remain ( has a countdown, naturally) until nationalistic […]

The House of Dreams

At Trufflepig we are firm believers in top-notch service. We’re a little bit addicted to it, in fact—we’ll admit it. What always leaves us raving about a trip is inevitably the hospitality; meeting a local guide who showed us things we never could have discovered on our own, or, in the case of Maisons des […]

A Sandy Love Story

Love is in the air. Mostly because we’re trying desperately to ward off the snowy chill of February, but also because of that heart-shaped holiday awaiting us at the end of the week. Whether you think it’s a perfect time for romance or a total Hallmark sham, you can’t lose if you simply look at […]

All Swell That Ends Well

Remember that Sounder article a while back about our silly sailor friend Phil, the Austrian guy who sailed from Cape Town to Rio and back? I sort of figured a journey like that would drain the crazy from his boat. Nope. On January 3rd I got an email from Phil with the news that he was going […]

Seriously Silly Sailing

Ever taken a yoga class? How about a tennis lesson? What about sailing instruction? Ever learn how to sail a 62-foot yacht from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro? And back? No, it’s not something many have done. Hardly anyone, in fact. But Trufflepig’s friend, Phil Haemmerle, he has. So when we found out Phil […]

‘Tis the Reason

Okay, so you haven’t quite gotten around to planning that late December holiday getaway. You don’t need more guilt heaped on your work-weary shoulders. But you do need some help. The Christmas to New Year’s travel window is a busy one, so there’s no more time to waste. Here’s a rundown of of what could […]

Brazil World Cup 2014

Brazil is hotting up for 2014. Already an intoxicating proposition due to its world-famous parties at New Year’s Eve and its epic celebrations at Carnival, the country is besotted with football (aka soccer) and can play the beautiful game almost as well as the Brits (see footy footnote below). In 2014 they are hosting the […]