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I Hate(d) Soup

I hate soup. As a child (and even now, if I’m being honest), I always used a fork when eating thin, brothy soups. It was rebellion in cutlery form. When I became a vegetarian as a teenager, all my mother could think to feed me was soup after soup after soup. She still sends frozen […]

Hankering for a Hacienda

When I was a child, I was mad at my parents for buying a family van instead of a horse. I refused to understand why using a horse to get around the suburbs of Toronto was not a practical choice and that a van would be much more suitable for our family. As you can […]

On The Chasing Of Whales

The Post Office Essays There is a particular magic we humans get to do. We can have an idea then translate it into a series of symbols which others, years later, can read, so that the idea enters into their mind. We can write and create books and essays and letters, and mark down our […]

A Second Harvest: Migrating Ingredients from the Americas

You are called papa not ‘patata’, you were not born Castillian: you are dark like our skin, we are Americans, potato, we are Indians. – Pablo Neruda, Ode to the Potato Similar to other fuels on a grand scale, the quest to harness sources of consumable energy has been the cause of migrations, the root of […]

Birding is Boresome and Other Myths

Let this be an ode to the non-tactile senses. To the joy of looking and seeing, the richness of listening and hearing. To being still long enough and staying put long enough to enjoy some of the world’s subtleties. About 15 years ago, I had burrowed my way into the professional world of travel. In […]

The Meeting Point of Las Tanusas

How lucky for us that the exact meeting point of sustainable living and culinary flair is in Ecuador, by the crashing Pacific, and right on the beach. It’s called Las Tanusas. The property itself is cozy, pretty and charming – a best friend’s house on a gorgeous deserted beach. Some rooms are in the main house […]

Christmas In July

We’re going to go ahead and assume you’ve been hitting the ice cream a little harder than usual lately. It’s ok, we have too. It’s July; cottage season, beach season, AC-worship season. In light of all that, this next part may sound crazy, but bear with us: it’s time to start planning your Christmas vacation for next year, […]

Hacienda Zuleta

How many people can say they’ve slept at a president’s house? Well, I have and so could you on your next trip to Ecuador. Located in the little highland village of Zuleta (famous for it’s embroidery), and nestled between rolling Andes mountains, sits Hacienda Zuleta, a beautiful working farm that is steeped in history. Dating […]

Galapagos Safari Camp

Visiting the Galapagos used to be a straight shot. If you wanted a fluffy pillow, some decent grub, and an excellent naturalist, you had to be on a boat. No longer. We recently visited the Galapagos Safari Camp and it’s something of a game-changer. Galapagos Safari Camp an eco-luxe camp in the highlands of Santa […]

Family Friendly

Many people ask which spots would make for a good family holiday in Latin America. The truth is, the Latins love children; the answer could be anywhere. But of course some countries are more geared up for keeping little ones entertained than others. Here’s our rundown of travel plans to keep the whole family entertained—big […]

Tasting Menu

Your trip planners and planning assistants here at Trufflepig travel a lot. Put all of that jet setting together, and you’ve got yourself a fine selection of previously enjoyed (and eagerly photographed) foods from around the globe. Every lunch hour we end up pining for one faraway dish or another; we’ve decided it’s time to […]

Trip Tease

Brazil seems to be hogging the limelight lately, with the FIFA World Cup this summer and the Olympics in 2016. While we love it as a destination, there is plenty more in this area of the world to be excited about. Our Latin American enthusiasts here at Trufflepig feel we shouldn’t neglect the rest of […]

Casa Gangotena

I’m a backpacker at heart. I love to save on accommodation and splurge on experience. But on a Trufflepig research trip, it’s tough not to get addicted to the finer things in life: king-sized beds, luxurious private marble bathrooms and outstanding service. I still hold hostels close to my heart, but it’s luxury boutique hotels […]

12 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos

For lovers of wildlife, there’s no place in the world like Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. If it isn’t already on your bucket list, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best reasons to travel to the Galapagos this year. 1) Bizarre Boobies—The rather awkward looking Blue-footed Booby is one of the most well known Galapagos creatures, but […]

Goldilocks in the Galapagos

Depending on where you live (we live in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is decidedly snowy/icy/chilly), right about now might be the perfect time to start daydreaming about a tropical vacation. Might we suggest you start daydreaming about somewhere sand and sunny? Yes? Ok then. Let’s start with what this cruise is not. It is […]

Mashpi Lodge

It’s rare to look forward to a long drive. With traffic jams at every corner, I often wonder how we make it anywhere. But when the drive is on a winding road up through the Andes with breathtaking panoramic views, the daily commute seems very far away. On a recent trip to Ecuador (much to […]