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One Step At A Time

After a 7 hour train journey from my home in Provence to Evian-les-Bains on the shore of Lake Geneva, I find myself standing on the side of a road, surrounded by beautiful alpine scenery on one side and the clear waters of the lake on the other. I am holding a piece of cardboard salvaged […]

Sauna am Rhy

When I find myself in colder climes I tend to develop a craving for sweltering heat. The kind produced by a well-fed wood stove; the kind that blissfully gets under your skin and melts away the gloom of Winter. A sauna kind of heat. While spending a handful of chilly December days in Basel, one of […]

Seeing in Black and White

I have had some growing pains over the years, as I learned to use my new digital camera. It was a world of difference over film, and I humbly admit that I did, on occasion, get caught up in the allure of certain “features” the camera offered. Remember that colour bleed, where you pull just […]


In my book, any place that owes its existence almost entirely to cheese can’t be all bad. L’Etivaz in Switzerland’s Pays Duhaut, source of the best ‘alpage’ cheese in the known universe, is just such a paradise. Picture the scene: soaring mountains, spiked forests of pine, patchwork pastures of glowing lush grass, the jingle of […]

Switzerland Sustenance

Food in Switzerland isn’t just cheese and chocolate (or so we hear). Okay, fine, the majority of the Swiss fare is cheese and chocolate, but if you dig a little deeper into the menu you’ll find a plethora of tasty options. Each region has its own magnum opus, as well as seasonal specialties–which we were lucky enough […]

Vintage Hunting in Heidiland

On all of my previous trips to Switzerland, I bought a lot. Not just enough to fit a suitcase. I’m talking multiple suitcases, small fortunes spent in chocolate alone and coats packed full of goodies to bring back home to friends and family. It was a constant battle against weight limits and baggage allowances. A […]

Warren Smith Ski Academy

As a self confessed ski addict, the end of the season leaves me with sweaty palms and in a mild panic, knowing that it will be a whole year before winter comes round again; a whole year before another trip to the snowy mountains. Of course there’s the option of the southern hemisphere, but the […]