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Fresh Digs from Cape Town

Cape Town remains one of our favourite cities in the world. It’s just our kind of place, dynamic, fun, constantly reinventing itself, achingly pretty, in short piggy as all get out.

I’ve just returned from my yearly jaunt down to the mother city and wanted to share a quick some fresh digs I discovered when down there.


Cafe culture has taken Cape Town by storm, and roasters and artisanal coffee shops seem to be popping up all over the place. Happily the vast majority are really rather good, but the best (we think) has to be Origin Coffee Roasters in the Cape Quarter. You can drop in for a cappuccino and some scrumptious baked goods or go deep and taste a range of single origin beans while learning the delicate art of how to do a proper pour over.

Street Art

In keeping with Cape Town’s status as a global design capital, you’d expect artistic expression to be everywhere and you’d be right. The right guide (and of course we know the best ones) can expose you to the high art that South Africa is famous for but also the amazing street art that seems to be springing up around every corner in Cape Town.

The Silo

The most eagerly awaited new hotel in Cape Town is finally open and I am pleased to report that The Silo  most definitely lives up to its billing. There are something like 7 room categories, but you really can’t go wrong since all afford spectacular views of the city or out to sea. The roof-top bar is pretty amazing as well, although unless you’re staying there you’ll need to book if you want a perch for sunset.

The Shortmarket Club

New this year and eagerly awaited by anyone who’s ever had an issue getting a table at the Test Kitchen, is Luke Dale Roberts new downtown spot, the Shortmarket Club. While it’s a great spot for breakfast and lunch, starting your night with dinner here, before some live music at the House of Machines next door, finishing with some top notch cocktails at Outrage of Modesty is my idea of a great night out in the Mother City.

Flying Pigs

I’ll admit, I am an absolute sucker for a helicopter. My mental age drops to that of 8 year old as soon as I hop aboard. Despite my heavy bias towards these kinds of experiences, a helicopter flight over Cape Town is not just an amazing thing to do but also affords you some fantastic perspective of the city and a great overview of how everything is laid out. It’s jumped right to the top of my ‘must do’ list for Cape Town.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Not really a fresh dig as this is one of my favourite drives anywhere in the world and I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, the Chapman’s Peak drive is quite simply a must when in Cape Town. A winding stretch of highway connecting Hout Bay and Noordhoek, the views around every corner are just incredible. It really never gets old.

Dan’s appetite for coffee is matched only by his appetite for helicopters; so he’s a happy man in Cape Town (or Addis Ababa for that matter). Email him for his latest latest digs.

A winding stretch of highway connecting Hout Bay and Noordhoek, the views around every corner are just incredible.

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