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Hot & Unbothered

One of the best benefits of a trip to Iceland is the plentiful and seemingly endless source of geothermal energy. My favourite implementation of this energy is in the hot pots, both natural and man made. To be clear, I’m not talking about an Asian stew here; hot pots are part hot tub, part mineral bath, all relaxation. Iceland is packed with them. There are literally thousands to choose from.

What better way to soak away the aches of a long hike, ATV or horseback ride than to let nature’s physiotherapist work her magic? Here are a few of my favourites. Big and small, natural or not, they are all amazing, and usually coupled with a an equally (or sometimes exceedingly beautiful) view.

Mike Poppe is a modern connoisseur of “taking the waters” at home and abroad. He can happily plan your next adventure in search of the finest hot pot; either the Icelandic or the Asian variey, your choice.

Let nature’s physiotherapist work her magic.

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