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Leaping for Lizard

The magical Lizard Island off the northeast coast of Australia plays host to a national park, a research station, and the stunning Lizard Island Resort (the only hotel on the island). That’s it, that’s all. With only 40 guest rooms, you never feel crowded and have heaps of real estate all to your suntanned self.

Why go to Lizard Island? Two reasons—the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), which coincidentally also happens to be in the ocean. Lizard Island has incredible positioning in the northern portion of the GBR, were you’ll find the warmest waters, highest biodiversity and most colourful corals of the reef system. If the GBR is your main draw, you’ll want to come here. Lizard Island is also blessed with the best black marlin fishing in the world, and loads of hidden beaches accessible by boat or walking trails.

A typical stay on the island can have you snorkelling through giant clam gardens, diving on the outer reef, fishing for mackerel, tuna and marlin (eating what you catch, of course), hopping into one of their motorized dinghies with a picnic and finding a private beach to relax, or visiting the local research station. In addition, kayaking, paddle boarding, glass-bottom boat rides and sunset cruises are also on offer.

The rooms at Lizard Island Resort are simple and beautiful, focusing on outdoor space and fresh air (though air conditioning is a button away). The keyless policy on the island pays homage to the glory days of beach clubs, where honesty rules and you were really in the rooms to sleep and shower.

Did I see a Lizard? Come to think of it, I actually didn’t, but I think I’m okay with that. Rest assured, you will have the time of your life, returning home (or onward to your next destination) much more relaxed, and likely with a golden tan.

Mike Poppe, our Asia & Oceania trip planner, fell head over heels for Australia on his recent research trip down there. He’s got a noggin full of itinerary ideas, so give him a ring if you’re keen on kangaroos. 

With only 40 guest rooms, you never feel crowded and have heaps of real estate all to your suntanned self.

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