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Southern Splendour

It’s safe to say that Southern Ocean Lodge is unique. Perched on the edge of a limestone cliff on the rugged southern coastline of Kangaroo Island, you can gaze out the window, cocktail in hand, and confidently be assured that there is nothing between you and Antarctica. But that killer view, with huge breakers crashing onto the rocks below and the (more than occasional) whales and dolphins frolicking in the surf are just a small sliver of the overall grand experience.

Southern Ocean Lodge carefully manages your stay to maximize the best that the lodge has to offer. The included activities are all carefully planned to make sure that you are back at the lodge in time for a fantastic lunch and a mouth-watering dinner. While there, I was able to see a large portion of the island, as well as a huge amount of wildlife.

For me though, the highlight really was the lodge itself. The rooms are all positioned to maximize your view (as well as your privacy) and are well appointed with all the comforts you would need, but nothing frivolous. It really was the small touches that made all the difference. House made goodies in the mini-bar, the walk in self-serve wine cellar, locally distilled spirits, and passionate, friendly staff who were consistently top notch and always willing to help.

Needless to say, they had to pry me off the door handles when it was time to leave. I have no doubt you would enjoy it as much as I did, or more.

Mike Poppe, our Asia & Oceania trip planner, fell head over heels for Australia on his recent research trip down there. He’s got a noggin full of itinerary ideas, so give him a ring if you’re keen on kangaroos. 

Needless to say, they had to pry me off the door handles when it was time to leave.

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