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Modernist Mecca

Calling all mid-century movers, Lautner lovers, architecture aficionados and décor designers, we got the place for you. Located about 20 minutes from downtown Palm Springs in Desert Hot Springs is where you will find The Lautner Compound, a collection of 3 boutique properties masterfully restored and designed: The Lautner, The Park and the Ranch House.

If you’re a fan of the mid-century architecture that Palm Springs is so famous for, then hopefully the name Lautner is ringing some bells – he was a legendary American architect and apprentice of Franklin Lloyd Wright. At the Lautner Compound, you have the opportunity to stay in one of his buildings. Commissioned by Hollywood movie producer Lucian Hubbard, the home was built almost 70 years ago. Imagined as a private residence, this unique property has been lovingly restored into 4 rooms that celebrate the original mid-century architecture and design.

The Lautner is a hybrid between an upscale vacation rental and boutique hotel. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchenette, private patio, and beautifully landscaped cactus garden. The hotel is self-catering, so don’t expect anyone waiting on you, but the lack of staff does not necessarily mean a lack of service. You will be met on arrival by a lovely host who will get you settled, and your room is equipped with luxury amenities, similar to what you would find at a fine hotel. Once check-in is complete and your host departs, you are on your own for the rest of your stay. The high level of privacy is great for guests who do not want all the usual pomp and circumstance. This left-to-your-own-devices vibe makes The Lautner feel like your very own private residence, where you are free to “Live the Lautner Lifestlye” as they say.

Better yet, if you’re travelling as a family or a group of friends, you could book all 4 luxurious rooms and then you will truly have your own private Lautner residence. Or, if you’re looking to host an event, The Park, connecting to the Lautner is a 10,000 sq. ft open air event space. Adjacent to the Lautner there is the newly acquired and recently renovated 1957 California Bungalow named the The Ranch House which is good for weddings and special events.

The Lautner Compound is a unique travel and architectural experience, and an ode to iconic American architecture.

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A stay here is completely unique and a must for any and all architecture lovers.

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