Notes from a Shithole Country

So, it would seem according to the recent pronouncement of one particular world leader, that I live in shithole country.

Mind you, while I won’t pretend I wasn’t surprised, I’m not particularly bothered.  Shitholes can have some real appeal.  To describe the country I’ve moved to (or back to, I should say, since I previously lived many years in Fes), I could think of any number of adjectives, but I have to say “shithole” wouldn’t make the list.  That said, the comment has had me wondering what I’ve missed.  And it does have a nice ring to it, too, especially the way the quote has been translated in the Spanish press as paises de mierda. Did you know that the study of the “end of days” and the study of faeces is the same word in Spanish, escatologia? But I digress.

As I struggle through the admittedly many adjustments to Moroccan life, such as 20ºC days in January and an oppressed lifestyle that includes way too much tagine in my diet, I thought I’d offer up some photos from my vault that lay bare in evidence what a true blue shithole looks like.  Not surprisingly, if you’re looking for the poop you’re sure to find it in a place like Morocco, along with a lot of other more palatable things, and many wonderful people, too.  So with tongue firmly in cheek, check this shit out!

Sebastian is based these days out of Rabat (Morocco), from where he plans Trufflepig’s trips to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. He really knows his shit – contact him to get started on planning your next Morocco adventure.

Shitholes can have some real appeal.

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