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Petraia’s Field of Dreams

No matter how nice, polite, and evolved we think we are, it’s in our nature to want the best experiences for ourselves. When we get them, sometimes we even stoop to our baser instincts and brag. Today, we have some fine bragging rights to offer you.

At Trufflepig we are the kings and queens of customization (not that we’re bragging or anything). We build from scratch, choosing our own special ingredients, and nobody else gets to read the secret recipe. Occasionally, however, we come across a trip or event so cool that we have to concede our title (just for a second) so we can share it with you.

Oustanding in the Field is a company that refers to itself as a “restaurant without walls.” They set up massive banquet tables in farm fields and other unlikely outdoor locations, so diners can eat locally-sourced meals in a unique setting, and reconnect with the place that their food comes from.

Which brings us to the special trip you’ll want to brag about; Outstanding in the Field is teaming up with one of our favourite properties, La Petraia (an all-local Italian agritourismo), for an al fresco feast in their vineyards. Dario Cecchini (butcher extraordinaire) will join resident chef Susan McKenna Grant for the September 20th evening of all things food and farm. Just 80 guests can attend the meal (and later reminisce to their not-as-fortunate friends about that “lovely, open-air dinner served by famed chefs on a Tuscan vineyard…”), so give us a shout to hold your seat at the long table.

Amy Smithers wishes there was more cachet in bragging to her friends about the “spaghetti with tomato sauce she just had for lunch at her indoor dining room table”.

Outstanding in the Field is teaming up with one of our favourite properties, La Petraia (an all-local Italian agritourismo), for an al fresco feast in their vineyards.

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