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A very blue lagoon
Photography: Dan Achber

Pool Party: Zanzibar

The beachside pool is the best of both worlds: nature’s spectacular view combined with man-made safety and climate control.

Where: Baraza Resort & Spa, Bwejuu Beach, Zanzibar

 Something you may not know is that while most of the beaches of Zanzibar are idyllic and perfect for sunbathing, the water itself is not. The tides on the island take the water out a long way, exposing sharp coral and rocks that are pretty to look at but make swimming barefoot a bit of a dicey proposition. Realizing this, Baraza set about building a fantastic beachside pool that not only provides a safe place to swim but also looks damn cool at night.

Dan Achber knows all the best spots to lounge in Africa, both day and night.

A fantastic beachside pool that also looks damn cool at night.

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