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Say No to Baloney

How did this happen? The name of one of Italy’s most charming cities twisted, turned and squeezed into a moniker for a certain sort of sandwich meat. Enough, we say. It’s time to take back the word and sing its praises for what it is: Bologna, city sublime.

True to its nickname, Bologna Il Grassa (Bologna the Fat) is a great place to pork out. Fantastic food markets and down-to-business eateries like Drogheria della Rosa and Da Pepe keep the Po Valley belt makers in business. While it may not have a Pantheon or Ponte Vecchio, it does have some stunning Renaissance architecture. Particularly unique are the 58 kilometers of colonnaded walkways, which seem to border nearly every street in the city. But if there’s one thing that really makes Bologna da bomb it’s the fact that most tourists don’t go there. It’s Italy authentic. Local and lovely. Put that in your sandwich and bite it.

Charlie Scott is an eater of pasta, porchetta, prosciutto, pepperoni… pretty much anything that isn’t classified as “luncheon meat”.

Put that in your sandwich and bite it.

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