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12 Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is amazing. So amazing in fact, that I felt it absolutely necessary to come up with probably the most groan-worthy, pun-laced post I have ever put my name on. So, why should you visit Australia? Because it is incredible, of course, and also for every reason below (and in the corresponding photo evidence above). Plus, Vegemite.

1) Two lumps—They take tea and coffee seriously. The fresh biscuit kind of seriously.

2) Jump around—You’ll find kangaroos in all shapes and sizes. This one chose a gym bag as home.

3) Pies in the sky—The national Aussie dish. Curry, steak, chicken, veg, you name it, I ate it. They are everywhere, and technically even in the sky; I bought one on an airplane.

4) Dogs on motorcycles—Need we say more? Can your dog(s) do this?

5) Nice to meat you—Meat’s not just a dish here, it’s a lifestyle.

6) R. M. Williams—Because you’re not a real man unless you own some knackered boots.

7) High-Flyer—The commute is a rough one here in Oz.

8) It will rock you—All night long. And maybe some of the day.

9) Killer views—Seriously, there was a snake under that table.

10) Quit ‘yer wine-ing—Errr, maybe not. The Barossa Valley has some of the best, hands down.

11) No koalafications necessary—Just a quick visa and you’re in. No worries, mate.

12) It’s deliciously cheesy—Just like this post. But seriously, that is some smooth cheddar. And blue. And Polkolbin.

Mike is a cheese-loving, Aussie-boot-wearing, friend of the koalas. And everyone else from the land of Oz, for that matter. If you’re thinking about taking your own trip down under, he’s the man to get in touch with.

Plus, Vegemite.

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