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Sweatin’ it

It’s no secret I like to sweat it out. Preferably in the solitude of a wood-fired cabin by a lake surrounded by dense forest. But failing that, I get my schwitz on any way I can. One of my most memorable sauna quests took place in Malmö on the Baltic Sea coast, where on a blustery February day I stumbled upon the delightful Ridersborgs Kallbadhus

While there are segregated quarters for men and women, the common theme is to perspire profusely pondering the Øresund that separates Sweden and Denmark, followed by a refreshing dip in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. An exhilarating experience savoured by regulars and visitors who all bask in their nude glory.

Open year-round, the public baths and sauna have been a local staple for over a century, and the structure certainly exudes an old-timey charm. Malmö is an easy day trip from Copenhagen across the Øresund bridge, towels can be rented on the spot and there is a lovely little café that serves post-sauna treats.

Claudia plans Trufflepig’s trips in Northern and Eastern Europe and knows her schwitz from her schnitzel from her Schnuckiputz. Email her here if you’d like to talk about how to make your trip more scharf.

I get my schwitz on any way I can.

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