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Where to go on safari next: Zambia

Conventional wisdom holds that the king and queen of safari travel in Southern Africa have been always been South Africa and Botswana. We say conventional wisdom be damned.

South Africa these days seems to be a victim of its own success, it’s popularity means that even despite a weak currency it’s getting more and more expensive and it’s becoming impossible to find availability at any of the top properties.

Botswana remains an amazing place to experience the African wilderness it’s magnificent wildlife but in recent years, the relentless luxury arms race that’s occurring means that the camps get fancier and more ruinously expensive and in some cases have even begun to overshadow the country as a destination.

So where do you go to experience the magic of the African bush without mortgaging your house or squandering your kids college funds to do it? Happily I have the answer, Zambia.

While South Africa and Botswana have been hogging the limelight, Zambia has been quietly doing what it does best in the background, delivering incredible safari experiences at an affordable price. Over the last few years, new high end camps have opened and access has become easier and cheaper and all the while the wildlife in Zambia is as exceptional as it’s ever been.  

While we would never give away all of our trip planning secrets, a trip much like a recipe is made up of a range of ingredients and those we’re more than happy to share – you’ll find them below. Hopefully you’re inspired enough to sit at our table and watch as we work our trip planning magic that turns a mere list of ingredients into a meal that’s very much greater than the sum of its parts.

Victoria Falls


Royal Chundu 

Thorntree River Lodge

Lower Zambezi National Park


Chiawa and Old Mondoro 


Sausage Tree 

South Luangwa National Park




Kafue National Park

Shumba Camp 

Liuwa Plain National Park

King Lewanika Lodge 



Dan is our lead planner for Africa. Contact him for your next African Adventure, unless you’re the photo editor for National Geographic in which case, hands off.



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