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The Pig Side of the Moon

July 21, 1969. My parents were traveling to Spain on their honeymoon, racing their tiny, overpacked Fiat 500 convertible beyond the laws of physics. They pulled over at a cafe in Tossa de Mar, a Medieval town in Catalonia, hastily parking the car on the sidewalk. It was very early in the morning (or very […]

Greek music: beyond Zorba

I am trying to recall my first introduction to Greek music. I was a teen when my parents took me on holidays to the island of Corfu. Was it during the taxi ride to the hotel – taxi drivers love their music, and they like it loud – or was it that night we signed […]

Sisters of Fate – A Fado Playlist

As I’ve been writing this post, Portugal has been commemorating a special anniversary: the 100th anniversary of Amália Rodrigues. Her name may not mean much outside Portuguese-speaking circles, but here she is revered as the “Queen of Fado”, and her birthday is an appropriate time for me to confess: I am a die-hard fan of this music. […]

WPIG Episode 3: Midway

You have your groove, you know your place in the world and jet lag is a memory, this is the midway of the trip, when all the faculties are lined up and in perfect running order.  You aren’t fatigued or homesick, your eyes are wide open and life is good.  This is our collection of […]


Nothing says transit like a forced layover in a place you never really wanted to go to in the first place.  The eternal waiting room that will be part of travel until we invent nifty things like in star trek that beam us around without having to wait…….scratch that……even a Beaming Machine would have a […]


Call me a hipster, but a good old fashioned mixtape always puts me in a great mood, which is the bottom line expectation when you’re preparing to head out on the road. Inspired by things like the Bob Dylan Theme Thyme Radio Hour and Sid Mashburns’ own WSID, we’ve put together a soundtrack for your […]