Year Of The Pig

It’s the year of the Pig, folks, and to celebrate our star-studded shredding of the 2019 Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists List (5 of our planners listed… more than any other company in the – ahem – world) we all gathered in Toronto last month for what can only be described as a good ol’ throw down. Much fun was had, much gumbo consumed, and even rumour has it some work took place. In any case, we thought it was high time to share the low down on the State of our Bacon. Here goes:

New Pigs on the Block

We’re better at trip planning (see below) than we are at keeping our website up to date, but you can now click on the Our People page for an up-to-date run-down of the full list of current Trufflepig farm animals. Most recently, Luisa joined our Italy planning team, based out of Rome, a city on which she literally wrote the book. Adding the Eternal City to our address book takes the number of Trufflepig offices and outposts to 9, dotted around the map below, but all brought together by a love of southern cooking, and of course of pig puns.

It’s raining medals

We like a pig pun, sure, but what we really pride ourselves on is our trip planning. Instinctive, driven, nose-to-the-ground hard-graft… rather like a pig, now I think of it. But while we don’t much like to toot our own horn, luckily the good people down at Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure and Wendy Perrin are happy to do it for us, between them listing 7 members of our planning team worldwide on their 2019 lists of Top Travel Specialists. Not bad… given the closest next-best we could find was 2. Then again, we were always better at trip planning than at counting.

We’re hiring

The rewards for all those awards is… more hard work, so we’re hiring. You can always check out our Working At Trufflepig page for updates, but very specifically at the moment we’re looking for a bright spark to help tend to our Latin America trips in the capacity of a Travel Coordinator. Job posting and applications here. Tell your most brilliant friends.

Pigs on the run

I can’t keep up with the research trips taken by the Trufflepig planning team, but at last count, we’ve been snout and about so far this year in the Congo, Sicily, the Faroe Islands, Morocco, Bordeaux, Rome, Bilbao, Thailand, Chile, Scotland, Slovenia, Florence… to name but a few. The annoyingly unalphabetised list of Where We Go is constantly being updated, and remains as hard to search through as ever because… because… that’s part of the fun. Follow your nose.

Most recently, Luisa joined our Italy planning team, based out of Rome, a city on which she literally wrote the book.

Destination Details