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Trufflepig Is Hiring!

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow that house down….”

As a man with two small kids, I think a lot about the big bad wolf – he and his cronies crop up a lot in the bedtime stories I’ve been reading every night for the last decade.

Sometimes I’m surprised at how much my kids enjoy the high-fibre moral diet of allegory and cautionary tale which so many of these stories comprise. They enjoy them, but I’m not convinced the lessons are sinking in. My kids (like all kids) are master procrastinators. They don’t seem yet to have heeded the lesson of the Three Little Piggies.

I, on the other hand, have. We started Trufflepig on a wing and a prayer, and to say we worked out of a straw house to begin with would be embellishment. But we worked hard, and slowly we cobbled together a business that was as soundly constructed as we could make it. And when Trufflepig was about 15, it was a fine looking house made of bricks. Then came the wolf, by the name of Covid. Thanks to the bricks, it didn’t quite blow us down.

But we’re heeding that lesson. Now we’re building it out of titanium-encased lead-lined marble with embedded ethernet cabling and a laser-guided perimeter defence system. So to speak. We are taking our operational fortitude pretty damn seriously.

To that end we have job postings for 5 positions below, all in our Operations Team. Trip planning is fun and travel’s a hoot, but on the back end, there’s a ton of hard work.

So if you’ve got Ops Chops, or you know someone who does, please take a look at the postings and think about applying. Previous brick-laying experience not required.

See the Work At Trufflepig page on our site for general hiring information.

We have job postings for 5 positions, all in our Operations Team.

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