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Underwater Art

The world underwater can be an eerily beautiful, serene place. Some of my best memories from far flung destinations are of being under the deep blue; swimming among sea lions in the Galapagos, or floating through the clear glacier waters of the Silfra fissure in Iceland, where all you can hear is the sound of your own breathing.

Mexico has some awesome locations for diving and snorkelling. There are the wonderfully weird cenotes on the Mayan Riviera, which are a little like cave diving through bizarre formations made from stalactites and stalagmites. Then there is coral and reef diving; parallel to the coast you’ll find the Mesoamerican Reef, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest on the planet after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

If all that isn’t enough for you, there’s now a new reason to don your flippers, pop on your mask, and fall backwards out of a boat. Jason deCaires Taylor’s terrific Underwater Sculptures make for truly stunning and surreal submerged sights. This art gallery of sculptures in the sea features startling and arresting images that one would not expect to find in the watery depths. Some of his work can be found near the coast of Punta Nizuc, and other sculptures near Isla Mujeres. It’s time to make some deep new discoveries in the world below the surface.

Anton is a turquoise-water-loving Londoner who escapes his home frequently to get his snorkelling fix, and do a little destination research while he’s at it. If you need some help finding underwater wonders, get in touch with him to get started.

There's a new reason to don your flippers, pop on your mask, and fall backwards out of a boat.

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