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Bang for your Buck Down Under

If you’ve ever considered a trip to Australia or New Zealand, now is an excellent time to start planning. Both the New Zealand and the Australian dollar, while always quite volatile, are lower than they have been in more than two years against the USD, making those beautiful (and pricey) hotels like Cape Kidnappers, Southern Ocean Lodge, Saffire and Otahuna Lodge (and many, many more) all the more appealing, not to mention a great value. Americans can currently enjoy rates of about thirty cents on the dollar. Canadians fare a little worse, but still enjoy rates around par.

So, if you are looking for an adventure down under, give us a ring and we’ll have you chasing koalas on Kangaroo Island, jumping on a heli and cruising over Milford Sound, or snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and sampling some of the amazing food and wine from both countries in no time.

The best times to visit the region are from November to March (for New Zealand and Southern Australia) and June to September (for Northern Australia and the best parts of the reef). There is something to do year-round (heli-skiing, anyone?) in both destinations, so no matter what, we can fit your schedule.

In the meantime, crack a bottle of Pinot, throw some prawns on the barbie, and dream of warmer climes.

Mike enjoys gourmet meat pies, long walks on the beach, and taking photos of helicopter trips to make as many friends, co-workers, and family members jealous as he possibly can.

Give us a ring and we'll have you chasing koalas on Kangaroo Island.

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