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My Kind of Snow

With the Olympics over, all those aspiring gold medal snowboarders have to wait four more years for their moment in the spotlight. Unless… does anyone have a contact number for the IOC? We’re missing a huge opportunity here during the summer games: same boards, same hills, just without any of that pesky snow. What am […]

A Dozen to Dream About

Every November, for the past years, we’ve attended a remarkable travel show in Marrakech—PURE Life Experiences. It’s where we go to take the pulse of the travel industry (oh no, did I just use that word?), meet with some of the hotels and people we work with, and sniff around for new and noteworthy places. […]


Back then it was an important port city; now it is somewhat reminiscent of San Francisco, and long gone is its “Jewel of the Pacific” title. Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage site for a reason, however, and there’s nowhere better to enjoy warm Chilean hospitality. Valparaiso is just 90 minutes from Chile’s elegant, currently […]

Beyond Giant Heads

I’ve come to Easter Island for a week away, and I’m determined to do something other than see the moai. I mean them no disrespect. But it seems ludicrous to travel five hours by plane from the nearest significant speck of land (continental Chile) to do nothing but stare at statues. I am greeted at […]

A Big Break

Say surfing and just about everyone imagines Hawaii. The more adventurous swing wide (and south) to Peru. But the really in-the-know surfers dial it down a few more latitudinal degrees, landing about 250 km from Santiago, Chile in a town called Pichilemu (peach-ee-LEH-moo). Chile’s got about 6,400 km of glimmering blue-green-grey coastline, and no place […]

Sink Into Santiago

Santiago is a slow burn. Sliced down the middle by the Mapocho River, the city’s character is elusive. It’s a hodgepodge of earthquake damaged colonialism and shopping mall post modernism, and its charms take patience to find; but we have the perfect vehicle for you. La Bicicleta Verde shortcuts the amount of time it takes […]