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Duba from the air

Not that I ever look for a justification for a doors-off helicopter flight, but if you feel you need one, Duba Plains in the Okavango Delta in Botswana is it.

Duba Plains is in a remote area of the Delta, so the best way to get full exposure to the camp’s huge area is by helicopter. The herds of buffalo that have made the area famous do tend to move around, and it’s simply easier to find them from the air. The thrilling part (aside from being in a helicopter, that is) is seeing so many huge animals in such large groups from the air.

Without a doubt, Duba Plains is one of the best known camps in Botswana. For years it has been known as the place to go and see lions hunting buffalo. You can still see this incredible interaction (though it’s worth remembering that nothing on safari is guaranteed), and to sweeten the deal (if you’re very lucky), you may get to see some of the rhinos that have been reintroduced into this part of the Delta.

I can’t understate how happy seeing wild rhino in Botswana made me. I never thought I would see one and it’s in no small part due to the amazing efforts of the Great Plains Foundation’s ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign that this is possible (click here if you want to find out more or would like to help) .

I suppose I should also tell you what the camp is like. Duba Plains has just been completely rebuilt from the ground up and I’m very happy to report that it remains one of the best camps in Botswana. It’s got that splendid under-canvas opulence that has become something of a hall mark at Great Plains’ camps across Africa. If you’re after a top end under-canvas experience in a truly wild part of Botswana, your search is over.

Dan is our man for Africa, and the only time he gives anything other than perfectly unbiased and balanced advice is when helicopters are involved

The thrilling part (aside from being in a helicopter that is) is seeing so many huge animals in such large groups from the air

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