WPIG Cambodian rockers edition

This week, Cambodia, the land of funk, rhythm, blues, and rock.  That’s right, this slice of southeast Asia is steeped in the cult of rock and let me tell you there are some gems to look out for.  Anthony Weersing and Tyler Dillon have put their collective minds together to bring you an hour of […]

Pig Tails – Joe Perez and the Merchant Marines

This week, a conversation with Joe Perez, Trufflepig’s new Operations Manager. Previous to the travel business, Joe worked on a number of ships with the Merchant Marines. He describes a different pace of life in international waters: days are counted differently, maps become faulty and you quickly realize there is a difference between Magnetic North […]

WPIG: gobble gobble gobble

Drop it like it’s hot, peoples –  pick up them vibes, grab a wishbone, call a friend and celebrate thanks. We figured we could all use the funk to soak up some of that gravy. Here are 45 minutes of funk, rock, soul, jazz, all loosely based on the theme of that holiday we all […]

Pig Tails – Maremma, Cuba, and Naples

Meredith is back from a few weeks on research in Italy, with tales of a missed flight, loose knees, and pure flexibility. The world has changed, and we with it – the tempo is different, and in this makeshift podcast we try to capture a feeling, that thing we all chase when we leave our […]

WPIG – Sea Shanties

This episode of WPIG the Pig prattles on about Sea Shanties. Those foot stomping songs that feel like the pulsing waves of a tide coming in. But not just that, sticking with the water theme, we talk of rivers and bayous to boot. And hell, really any song that makes you want to run off […]

WPIG – A Mardi Gras Spring

There is a morning each year when the winter starts to shift gears out of the cold and the barometric pressure starts to change: birds begin singing, and if you look closely, buds start to form on the end of the branches. It is the rebirth, the beginning, and after a two-year winter it is […]

WPIG: Thai Funk-a-Go-Go Edition

Here for your travel listening pleasure, in the latest edition of WPIG the Pig is Thai Funk – a radio hour of dive-bar bands in Thailand playing rock, funk, and soul. Tyler Dillon and Anthony Weersing join forces in this episode to drop the nasty. Pour yourself a tropical cocktail and soak up the tunes. […]

WPIG – The Voyager and the Golden Record

In 1977, NASA launched two probes into space, Voyager 1 and 2. Hurtling at 35,000 miles an hour, they are still exploring and sending back photos from the outer limits of what we have seen and known from our pale blue dot Earth.  It was decided that it would be a missed opportunity if we […]

WPIG Why we Travel Edition

WPIG #6: Why we Travel Edition Be it escape, education, entrapment, euphoria, there are a plethora of reasons to take to the road, to be on the lamb.  This episode of WPIG explores a few of these streams while leaving room for more with some help (and stolen clips) from Pico Ayer and Wade Davis.

WPIG: Anticipation Edition with special guest Greg Sacks

Anticipation – that mixture of stress and excitement, with a dash of trepidation. The rush that comes from thinking on what’s to come next. It’s that magic ingredient that keeps you watching a play performed, a sport in action. And it’s the sine qua non of electronic music.  Today we are talking about anticipation, and […]

WPIG Episode #5 Ireland Edition

That small chunk of rock in the North Atlantic…..no, not Iceland, the O.G. Iceland, home of a slew of folks who went out into the world to make a mark, and make it loud. Ireland. It is on all the lists, we all want to go there but we all tend to wait until we […]

WPIG Quarantine Editions

I love the cheese, I love pop… good pop music. There is a sea change happening right now.  One of those high tide marks that we look back on decades from now to measure things from and it is disorientating. Emotions are magnified in both excess and ecstasy which is perhaps why pop music feels […]

WPIG Africa Edition

Every epic adventure needs an epic soundtrack and Africa is about as epic as it gets. Travel to the continent is diverse, confounding, fantastic, sublime, frustrating, breathtaking, heartbreaking, life changing – in short it has that indefinable magic which is the essence of travel. Defining Africa into easy generalizations is a fools errand, and like […]

WPIG Episode 3: Midway

You have your groove, you know your place in the world and jet lag is a memory, this is the midway of the trip, when all the faculties are lined up and in perfect running order.  You aren’t fatigued or homesick, your eyes are wide open and life is good.  This is our collection of […]


Nothing says transit like a forced layover in a place you never really wanted to go to in the first place.  The eternal waiting room that will be part of travel until we invent nifty things like in star trek that beam us around without having to wait…….scratch that……even a Beaming Machine would have a […]


Call me a hipster, but a good old fashioned mixtape always puts me in a great mood, which is the bottom line expectation when you’re preparing to head out on the road. Inspired by things like the Bob Dylan Theme Thyme Radio Hour and Sid Mashburns’ own WSID, we’ve put together a soundtrack for your […]