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My Day With Duc

Take Vietnamese cooking lessons: a humdrum resolution for many, but for someone who can burn toast perfectly (how black do you want it?), my resolution is revolutionary. It’s all thanks to Tran Thanh Duc (Duc for short), the dynamic Vietnamese chef extraordinaire who charms as he chops, slices, dices, and turns up the heat. Nigella […]

Lima’s Culinary Delights

Peru seems to be dominating the foodie scene of late; in places as far flung as London, New York and Santiago, Peruvian restaurants are popping up and bringing a zesty Latin twist to dinner proceedings. The many flavours and limitless types of ceviche can be rather daunting, so we suggest going straight to the source. Head […]

A Foodie’s Feast

As with most of my trips, food always seems to be a focus. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I love returning to Indochina over and over. Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are renowned for their food, and as always, partaking in the various delicious options is a definite highlight.  Here are […]

Uber Uco

Mendoza’s wondrous wine region has much to recommend it: gorgeous towns with lovely, leafy plazas, marvellous Malbecs, delectable dining, and terrific places to stay. All this and we haven’t even mentioned the Andes, which stretch dramatically in the distance, an impressive backdrop and a useful orientation device. The Uco Valley in the Mendoza region has […]

Secret Supper

Years ago, my wife and I were coaxed into trying our first supper club. We were told it was well worth the money, and to show up at an old loft building at a certain time to get in. Bring wine. Italian wine. If you bring anything other, you will be ridiculed. Well then. We […]

Cotswold Cool: Bamford Country

What is this “Bamford Country” we speak of? That would be the namesake of Lady Carol Bamford, the force behind sublime properties the Wild Rabbit in Kingham and Daylesford Organic in blink-and-you-miss-it Daylesford. Stay in one of the Wild Rabbit’s stylish 12 bedrooms named after woodland animals (and spacious enough to invite several of them […]

Menelik’s Macchiatos

As far as we’re concerned, there is no such thing as too much coffee (we’ve had an even stronger addiction that usual lately). The shakes and the racing heart beat after your fourth cup of the morning—that’s not too much caffeine, that simply means you’re doing it right. You’ll be glad to hear that Ethiopia […]

Flavours of Montreal

I like to eat. Nothing is too weird, too sickening, or too belly busting for me. I’ve eaten a sheep’s face in Africa, bugs in Thailand, and brain in Toronto. I’ve even had whiskey with a dead cobra in it. When I travel, my favorite thing to do is try all the local food. Even […]

Roman Gods

No matter how many tourists you have to plow through, or how many times you’ve already been to pay homage, the Pantheon sits in the top tier of Rome’s startlingly beautiful, historically rich, architecturally astonishing must-see attractions. Built almost 2000 years ago, the Pantheon was originally commissioned by Marcus Agrippa in the reign of Augustus […]

Mexico’s Hidden Port

Despite being popular with surfers and backpackers, and offering direct flights daily from Mexico City, the beach town of Puerto Escondido (which literally means “Hidden Port”) still feels like one of Mexico’s beautifully kept secrets. Unless you happen to arrive during Christmas or Easter, you will be amazed at the quiet, relaxed vibe that this […]

Tasting Menu

Your trip planners and planning assistants here at Trufflepig travel a lot. Put all of that jet setting together, and you’ve got yourself a fine selection of previously enjoyed (and eagerly photographed) foods from around the globe. Every lunch hour we end up pining for one faraway dish or another; we’ve decided it’s time to […]

Trip Tease

Brazil seems to be hogging the limelight lately, with the FIFA World Cup this summer and the Olympics in 2016. While we love it as a destination, there is plenty more in this area of the world to be excited about. Our Latin American enthusiasts here at Trufflepig feel we shouldn’t neglect the rest of […]

As Catalan as Calçots

When you have free time in Spain, you don’t wonder what you’re going to do. You wonder what you’re going to eat. The fact that any free time will be spent sitting and eating and drinking somewhere with friends is a foregone conclusion. It’s what is done. This weekend at lunch, for example, when we […]

Dealings in the Ditch

Shoreditch used to be an area best avoided; indeed, the ‘ditch’ in question was probably a boggy suburb of London’s City back in Saxon times, known as ‘Sewer-ditch’. Gentrification and its proximity to the financial City of London changed this area into a hub of artistic creativity and art in the 90s, and this former […]

12 Reasons to Visit Venice

Having just returned from a research trip in Venice, our expert in all things Italian, Rudston Steward, has plenty to say about this watery wonder. He’s pared it all down to 12 key reasons why Venice should top your travel hit list. 1) A palatial past—Venetians don’t think of themselves as Italians, but as a […]

Whisky Berbère

Mint tea in Morocco is everywhere: every visitor is bound to get an offer of tea, whether from a rug dealer or in a local’s home, and it would be rude to refuse. All business transactions, receptions, ceremonies, and celebrations involve tea in Morocco; it’s the sign of hospitality as much as it is the […]