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Make Like a Tree and Leave

Sometimes—you might even say often—we travel to escape. When routines become audible like the meshing of gears, we feel the compulsion to lose ourselves, to shed skin.

Some places encourage fantasies of time travel—where we imagine ourselves living as adults in a different age. Take the ancient Medina of Fez for example, or the caves of Lascaux. How easily we romanticize life before iPhones, stock markets and rush hour traffic, casually overlooking the inconveniences of marauding hoards or the Bubonic Plague. For a real escape though, why not put down the history books and leapfrog back through your personal timeline instead? Remember when, as a child, you could simply hide out and the rest of the world would disappear? Here are four treehouse hotels that will help you achieve just that.

1. Tsala Treetop Lodge on South Africa’s Garden Route 
Built into the canopy of the Tsitsikamma forest, with views down to the ocean below, these treehouses bear little resemblance to the one in your backyard growing up. Fireplaces and granite detail paired with African masks and antlers provide a glam factor that contrasts beautifully against the raw natural surroundings. Your dad’s humble construction had nothing on this.

2. Chole Mjini on Chole Island in Tanzania
Chole Island is nestled tightly into the shore of Mafia Island, south of Zanzibar on Tanzania’s coast. Time has forgotten this once thriving island community, and a surprisingly soulful hotel has grown up among the ruins. Jean de Villiers built his rooms up in the Baobab trees, with no previous training in construction or architecture. Almost naïve in its simplicity, Chole Mjini is a departure from the commercial hotels found on Zanzibar and an inspiration for responsible tourism.

3. Hapuku Lodge & Treehouses on New Zealand’s South Island

Packed tightly between soaring mountains and thrashing sea, Hapuku’s five luxury treehouses offer total immersion in their surroundings. Contemporary lines and giant picture windows blur the lines between inside and outside, and while the rugged landscapes are the premiere attraction, there are enough activities nearby to keep you busy for weeks.

4. Rockwater Secret Cove on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, Canada
There is something terribly romantic about sleeping under canvas, and it’s hard to pass a night without the odd giggle or whisper. Canvas has long been a feature of native Canadian culture, and here in the rainforest of BC’s Sunshine Coast, the tented treehouse suites of Rockwater Secret Cove have done it up in style. Enjoy a massage from your private deck overlooking the sea, or head out for a day of hiking among the ancient groves.

Greg is plenty in touch with his childhood, based on his love of treehouses and hatred of shoes. If you’re ready to do some time travelling of your own, get in touch with us.

Your dad’s humble construction had nothing on this.