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the sweet and lowdown

There was a time period at the end of the 70’s, when rock and roll belched up 15 minute ballads sticky with hairspray, and the efficiency of a 2-4 beat and counterculture got lost in the woods and egos of stadium shows. We ended up with “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”. Fortunately punk rock and […]

the razzle and the dazzle

I used to watch this man construct a handmade parasol in Myanmar.  He was on a long drive from the airport in Heho to Inle Lake in the hill country of the Shan state. He would make the most intricate workings, all out of bamboo and a home smelted blade and lathe, he would perform […]

Conde Nast Travel Specialists: Trufflepig’s Magnificent 7

Last week Conde Nast Traveler released its annual Travel Specialists list, kind of like the Oscars of the travel world. And with another record-breaking 7 Trufflepig planners with their names in lights (again), we feel more than usually justified in describing ourselves as the Tiny Company with the Great Big Nose. We are of course […]


Over the past few years a symbol has made the leap from movie into life. It is a salute with three fingers held high: pointer-middle-ring.  It came from The Hunger Games, the series written by Suzanne Collins.  Both a book and movie franchise, it is a tale following the life of Katniss Everdeen. Her name […]

Moons and Junes and ferris wheels

George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. grew up in Illinois, obsessed with the moon, its shape, its craters and scarred face.  He drew pictures of the moon in grade school and studied it in high school, and when he graduated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as a civil engineer, the lunar mark stuck and came back to […]

Trufflepig Recipes: Congee

I have a list of three things which, perhaps due to a repressive part of my psyche or some masochistic Protestant lean, I have denied myself until I felt I could no longer continue without them; reading the entire Faulkner cannon, going on a surf/bike road trip through California, and learning how to make my […]

Backdoor Diplomats

When I was eight I moved to Madison Georgia from the suburbs of New York City.  It was a sea change of a move that opened up many doors of perception for me through the years since.  We literally bought the farm and went from a house where I could reach out my bedroom window […]

Simply The Best

We may be a tiny travel company (with a great big nose) but when Conde Nast Traveler magazine published its “2017 Top Travel Specialists” list last week, we blushed hot pink to see that Trufflepig has more experts listed than any other outfit. Our very own Dan, Rudston, Tyler and Sebastian, for Italy, Spain, Southern Africa and Myanmar. CNT describe them as “the […]

The Streets of the Cities We Are Still Building

My first tag was in Bangkok (I write that as if I did more, but there was only one lame attempt). It was premeditated, illegal, and fun as hell.  It was lame because I couldn’t even come up with my own tag idea, I bought a book of pre fab stencil tags in the Hong Kong airport and […]

Of gods, saints, and poets

For 10 years I lived out of a bag.  It was a good bag, cordura Patagonia roller, that did me well, and it was the same size as a small NYC apt and held all the stuff I needed at that point in my life so I was happy.  I started on the road without […]

Fake Burmese Plastic Chicken

They say that the appearance of a dish greatly influences how you perceive its flavour, and I would normally agree, but have recently heard of an extreme case on the streets of Yangon.  I have always heeded the sound advice I once read concerning street food in Asia, that if it is deep fried or baked it […]

The Golden Experience

Most travellers to Burma, especially on the upscale end, rarely stray off the beaten path of the four most popular destinations: Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, and Yangon. They are fantastic locations, and have the best hotels and most modern services, as well as lots of amazing things to see and do. However, for those willing to […]

Home-Cooked Myanmar

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from Burmese food, as I had never been exposed to it before. Suffice it to say, I was completely blown away by the selection, surprising combinations, and rich flavours that were repeatedly put in front of me. Geography has a lot to do with why Burmese food […]

Electric Explorer

On my recent trip to Myanmar (often still called Burma), I decided to take a break from the company of my excellent guide and head off on my own. I picked up a rental e-bike for a bargain (about 5 USD), so that I could get a little further in my explorations for the day. […]

Mingalabar Myanmar

We are excited to announce that we have finally brought Myanmar (also known as Burma) into the fold. After an exhaustive research trip spent scouting out the hotels, eating in the restaurants, meeting the people and drinking the (surprisingly delicious) beer, we are confident that we can give you an amazing and authentic experience in […]