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Conde Nast Travel Specialists: Trufflepig’s Magnificent 7

Last week Conde Nast Traveler released its annual Travel Specialists list, kind of like the Oscars of the travel world. And with another record-breaking 7 Trufflepig planners with their names in lights (again), we feel more than usually justified in describing ourselves as the Tiny Company with the Great Big Nose.

We are of course tickled pink at the recognition. But the real satisfaction in our work comes from the contacts we make. Not passport stamps, not bucket lists, not this year’s newest and hippest. Handshakes, conversations, connections. I look around at the group of people that make up Trufflepig – not just the Seven Samurai, but the entire group of smart, unusual, curious and quirky people I’m lucky to call my colleagues – and I understand that their superpower lies in the way they go about making connections in the world. Eyes open, mind open, curiosity on overdrive.

In the absence of those connections, life since Covid set in has been more monochromatic than before. And if we have a motto, it’s vive la différence. The wish to explore, enjoy and hopefully protect the distinctiveness of different places and cultures, different ways of doing and thinking, different ways of living together. That’s the sentiment that underpins our hog-nosed curiosity, and provides the compelling reason to wish to travel.

Click through to read about our Magnificent Seven:

Claudia for Germany

Dan for South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe & Zambia

Jacoline for Greece

Michael for France

Luisa for Italy

Sebastian for Morocco, Spain & Portugal

Tyler for Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Bhutan, Myanmar & Mongolia

Eyes open, mind open, curiosity on overdrive.