Year Of The Pig

It’s the year of the Pig, folks, and to celebrate our star-studded shredding of the 2019 Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists List (5 of our planners listed… more than any other company in the – ahem – world) we all gathered in Toronto last month for what can only be described as a good […]

Trufflepig is hiring: Italy Planner

Quit your job. Tell your friends. Dust off your résumé and fire up your arrabbiata recipe. We’re hiring a new Italy planner. This is a full-time position within our award-winning European planning team, handling our trips to Italy and beyond. Excuse me: handling our highly-orchestrated, unusually pungent, exceptionally quirky and universally acclaimed trips to Italy and beyond. That’s more like […]

In Search of a Flippin’ Good Asia Planner

Trufflepig’s Asia program is growing. Like, pho sure. With 6 months of dedicated research this year alone, we are expanding the breadth of our expertise on the continent. That said, depth will always trump breadth here on the Trufflepig farm. We like to go deep. Compelled by a pig-headed drive and insatiable curiosity, we pride […]