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Trufflepig is Hiring: Trip Planners

***20 December 2023: Please note that applications for these positions are now closed***

Trufflepig as a company was started by Trip Planners and is run by Trip Planners, and in a world of distractions and fads we maintain a single-minded focus on our core objective: planning great trips.

Trufflepig’s Trip Planners are destination specialists and trip designers, whom we (and others) consider to be the best in the business. They are a varied and unique bunch of characters with personality to spare, all with years of different experience in their destinations, and all experts at planning travel. And, of course, they excel at interacting with our clients who are smart, demanding, curious, and well-informed, and who expect the best at every turn.

It’s not every day that a seat opens up, but we have several opportunities going:

To be great in these role you need:

• The credibility that comes from expertise and life experience in your regions.
• Extraordinary listening ability, to hear what our clients are asking for.
• Superb communication skills, to present clearly your ideas and proposals.
• Team-working skills. This is not a lone-wolf position.

See the page on Work At Trufflepig for details of our team and employment practises. You might also want to read about our Hoofprint Project, or look under the hood for a sense of how we operate.